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Anna's FAQs

  • Over the last 20 years, Anna's Pizza & Pasta has employed over 150 youth in and around Winnebago. 
  • Anna's Pizza & Pasta supplies our Winnebago Fans Club with Pizza near cost and provides many pieces of equipment to them. Over the lifetime of our partnership, Anna's Pizza & Pasta has made and delivered over 18,000 pizzas. That means they have sold over $200,000 of Anna's Pizza & Pasta's pizza at our local sporting events to benefit the Winnebago Fans Club!!!
  • Throughout the lifetime of Anna's Pizza & Pasta, we have had over 30 Anna's Takeovers@ raising over $14,000 for various groups. Groups such as Cheerleader, Poms, Baseball and Soccer teams come in and help run a buffet at Anna's and split the proceeds.
  • Anna's Pizza & Pasta has worked with our church, the Winnebago First Presbyterian Church in many different ways. The First Team raises money for their missions trips by selling Anna's Pizza & Pasta's Bucks. Till date, they have made over $4,500 profit. Anna's Pizza & Pasta has provided several ”free will” fellowships to support different missions. We worked with the Sunday School classes to do an ice cream social/art auction and raised over $800 for the La Tortuga Foundation helping the youth in remote Mexico. Jr. High movie nights can count on having pizza and the Vacation Bible School kids look forward to an ice cream Sunday snack each year.
  • Anna's Pizza & Pasta has sponsored many youth teams, including baseball, softball, dodgeball and basketball. Anna's Pizza & Pasta has sponsored teams at Roy Gayle for over 15 years.
  • Some of Anna's Pizza & Pasta's proudest moments have been working closely with families on major fundraisers, including the Saladinos, Mastroiannis, Ledens and Williams families. It has been an honor to work with the groups that have come together and helped these families raise thousands of dollars at the time of need.
  • The 4th of July Anna's Pizza & Pasta's Pizza Breakfast has become an annual tradition for more than 10 years raising thousands for the Winnebago 4th of July Festival.
  • Anna's Pizza & Pasta has also provided countless gift certificates supporting local groups such as the Winnebago Preschool, Robotics, the Library, the school reading program, the Chamber, FEE and sports teams.
Anna's Pizza & Pasta is also very happy to be a part of many of life’s moments and memories, birthday celebrations, family get-together, team parties, anniversaries, the caterer of weddings and graduations.  

Thank you for letting us be a part of your life!
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